Fact 12.5 Million Arrests Per Year in the U.S.


12.5 million per year multiply 10 years = 125 million arrests

CNN reported 1,248 arrests in 10 years

All of the public is taught there’s about 1,200 criminals meanwhile there’s 125 million per decade

CNN in 1 week this week reported 2 ARRESTS in America

at this rate that is 104 arrests reported to the public per year

Nationwide, law enforcement made an estimated 12,408,899 arrests in 2011.


I am showing you countries that have more land than any U.S. State.  Imagine comparing all countries to our county jails housing more than the populations of almost all countries

Now 12.5 Million arrests nationwide take 12.5 Million Multiply 3 Years= 37.5 Million arrests in U.S. per 3 years.


Australia population is 23 Million

with U.S. arresting 12.5 million per year we beat Australia’s population in just two years

I know I am the first to report this truth

Canada 35.85 Million population would  fill our jail cells in just 3 years