Have radio the parasite get traffic to see cocktail.  That mission was a success.

Reach end of cycle & enter the future & than persons will donate with or without radio host talking to people.  That will be successful.

Show Miracles on Video at web site.  Again successful.

Started pulling Clouds in 2009.  Still pulling clouds.  That mission required me to live outdoors & was a success.

Last mission create a City Lottery.  Hey cannot get persons to speak of any Miracle they have seen than Not going to be able to get City Lottery as of right now.  Almost the same as State Lottery’s except everyone in the city is a winner & it is the same as Raffle ticket’s the main goal is to collect money & everyone in that city gets to have their home worked on.  This creates each city to be a millionaire city.  I think each home should have had a 1 bedroom apartment with private entry.